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FEU is ready to provide your events with the best quality-price value Flamenco shows.  We adapt to the customer needs in any circumstance.  Ranging from private parties, corporate events , cocktail parties, weddings to any other social events or meetings,  we offer the best musicians, industry professionals, singers, flamenco guitar players , bailaores, dancers and drummers.

We have extensive experience at the international level as we have been serving world high profile customers in Spain since 2008.  For our new American venture we offer the following services and line-ups:

Flamenco Duet, formed by a flamenco dancer (female/male) and guitar player.

Flamenco Trio, consisting of two dancers (female) and guitar player and/or one dancer, guitar player and singer (cantaor).

Flamenco Quartet, involving two dancers (female), Flamenco box drum and guitar player.

Cuadro Flamenco, which includes three dancers (female), flamenco box drum, guitar player and cantaor (singer).

In addition to this, we add the following services for dinners and cocktail parties:

Spanish Guitar player.

Spanish Guitar player duet.

Flamenco – Jazz  fusion Quartet, consisting of Spanish guitar player, flamenco box drum, keyboard, flute and/or drummer.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or details about our  services.  We are eagerly awaiting to make your events original, amazing and unforgettable.

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